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Making any occasion special

A cake is essential when it comes to celebrations. It adds more happiness to the occasion, symbolises success and milestones, and makes a perfect gift to warm the heart of the celebrant. Nothing can beat the power of cakes to light up the party and make things extra special.

custom cake

Omkar with over 5-6 years of experience in the bakery industry

And help to run the smooth work in the organisation as a Manager 


Jalandhar our artist who create best creativity from his skills and make cakes more outstanding with his own final touches.

The baker

Mitesh our baker bakes fine bakery products including our confectionery products and give aroma to it by his techniques.

We Love Cakes

Our Quality

Uncompromising on excellence, Revolution Bakers proudly presents ‘Our Quality’—a promise to deliver impeccably crafted cakes that redefine indulgence with every scrumptious bite.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy embodies the essence of Revolution Bakers, reflecting our unwavering commitment to creating cakes that combine artistry, passion, and exceptional taste, leaving a lasting impression with every slice. 


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